Redflow ZCell

Redflow ZCell battery storage based on zinc bromide flow battery technology

Designed by Australian ASX listed company Redflow in association with the University of Queensland and manufactured in North America by Flex
10kWh battery, 100% usable
Type – Zinc-bromide flow battery
Warranty 10 years
Major components are reusable and recyclable
ZCell  cost – around $12,600 for the battery or $17,500 to 19,500 including an inverter and installation. Redflow shareholders are offered a discount of around $1000 (As of June 2016)
Designed to sit on the ground connected to an inverter / charger that delivers stored energy to the house

How does it work?

From the Redflow website
“Each ZCell contailn around 100 litres of water based zinc bromide salt solution circulating in two separate hydraulic circuits.

When charging, zinc is extracted from the zinc bromide solution and stored on a plastic membrane. During discharge, zinc is released back to the solution. In short, energy is stored by moving zinc around inside the battery.

The key to the long life and 100% depth-of-discharge capabilities of ZCell is that this process is completely reversible, and that there is no damage to the battery when the zinc is completely removed from the plastic membrane at the end of each discharge cycle.”

More information at the Redflow website