Solar batteries available for home installation in Australia include the following:-

Tesla Powerwall 2 from the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada USA

Tesla Powerall 2 Australia
Tesla Powerall

Designed by Tesla and Panasonic
14 kWh lithium-ion battery pack with built in inverter
Warranty 10 years
Powerwall 2 cost – around $8,000 including GST.
Installation from around $2000
Claims – Tesla claims this battery can store enough power to run a 2 bedroom house for a full day.
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ZCell battery from Redflow

Designed by Redflow an Australian company
10 kWh Zinc bromide flow battery
Warranty 10 years
ZCell  cost – around $12,600 for the battery or $17,500 to 19,500 including an inverter and installation.
Claims – This recyclable battery should last 20 years without degrading whereas lithium-ion batteries could degrade by as much as 50% over 10 years. This would mean the ZCell has a lower lifetime cost per kWh.
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